Turtle Facts

Turtles are a member of the reptilian family, Testudines. These animals are easily identified by their distinctive shell, developed from ribs. They are divided into two major groups: side-necked turtles and hidden-neck turtles. The latter differ from side-necked turtles in the way that their heads retract.

Sufism’s symbol of turtles 파충류샵

Turtles are an important symbol in Sufism. These ancient beings are often associated with longevity. Many cultures around the world have adopted turtles as a symbol. Compared to dragonflies and butterflies, which have short lives and are therefore associated with a younger soul, turtles are thought to represent a wiser, older soul. They represent a positive outlook on life and are also associated with a strong sense of intuition.

Turtles are also a symbol of transformation. Being semi-aquatic, turtles represent a new beginning and a return to the sea. In ancient Egypt, sea turtles were used to keep evil spirits away. Their connection to water made them important to the Underworld.

Common ancestor of all reptiles

Reptiles are descended from a common ancestor, which is also the common ancestor of birds. But this ancestor does not represent all the descendants of reptiles. Not all reptile species are related to all bird species, and some may even have diverged from each other. However, phylogenetic analysis of animal groups demonstrates that reptiles share a common ancestor with birds.

The phylogenetic tree of the large reptile genus Euarachnids shows that this ancestor has evolved into a group that includes 1746 taxa. However, this tree contains some errors. It omits taxa that are relevant to the analysis. For instance, Simoes et al. 2020 place turtles into the diapsids while incorrectly excluding pterosaurs. Also, the authors include some taxa that should not have been included in the phylogenetic tree of reptiles, such as tanystropheids.


There are a variety of habitats for turtles, including oceans, lakes, forests, and rivers. Some species live almost entirely in water, while others spend most of their time on land. These animals display diverse behaviors, ranging from being completely solitary to forming social groups. They mate with other turtles and lay soft leathery eggs in sand.

In the northern range, turtles spend nearly half of their lives in overwintering states. While the chances of their death during this period are minimal, mortality due to freezing, prolonged anoxia, and predation are possible.


If you want to keep your turtle healthy, then you should pay special attention to the diet of your pet. Many turtles are omnivores, so you need to choose fresh vegetables that are full of nutrients. Generally, you should select at least three kinds of vegetables a day. Avoid using lettuce, which lacks significant nutrition. In addition, you should avoid feeding your pet cabbage.

A number of studies have shown that turtle diets change as they grow larger. For example, the diet of a female turtle may change during the breeding season, which may affect the amount of the food consumed. However, the diet of a male turtle does not differ significantly compared to that of a female turtle.


Sea turtles are among the most endangered creatures on Earth, and there are many threats to their survival. These threats include human activities such as hunting and fishing, invasive species, and coastal development. Luckily, we have ways to protect these incredible creatures. But the first step is public awareness and support. By educating people on the threats to sea turtles, we can alert decision-makers to issues that need to be addressed.

These animals have existed for millions of years, and they grace all of the oceans – except the Arctic. Yet, despite their long and storied history, turtles face many threats today, and several species have become critically endangered. The IUCN Red List lists six of the seven species of sea turtles as “endangered,” while one is not listed because of insufficient data.