Accommodation at a Pension

Accommodation at a pension is similar to staying in a bed and breakfast. It is usually a small, family-run establishment without a reception desk. The rooms are typically small and simple, with no cooking facilities or minibars. Maid service is also less frequent than in a hotel. However, some pensions do offer breakfast.

Pensions are a type of guest house

Pensions are small accommodations run by families that offer basic meals for their guests. They typically include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find them in tourist areas, 펜션
such as ski resorts and seaside regions, but you can also find them in smaller cities and in the countryside. Typically, you can expect to pay between 6,000 and 12,000 yen per night for a room at a pension. The rooms are clean and simple, and you’ll likely be provided with complimentary tea and hot water.

Pensions differ from traditional resorts in that they are smaller and more homely, with just a few private rooms. Some feature restaurants, and most offer breakfast or half-board meal plans. They’re a great place to experience the local culture while saving money. Most pensions are located far from the beaches, so you’ll need to arrange for transportation to get to them.

They offer breakfast

Pensions are similar to bed and breakfast establishments but are smaller and run by family members. They usually don’t have reception desks and rooms will be basic. Some do not have cooking facilities or minibars and maid service is not as frequent as at hotels. Some may offer breakfast as part of the package.

They offer dinner

Often referred to as bed and breakfasts, pensions offer meals for their guests. They are family-run properties that are a cheaper alternative to large hotel chains. Some pensions offer full board, while others offer only half-board. Some even offer a special rate for travellers. A few are located in historic buildings, which makes them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

They have a locker to keep valuables

One of the benefits of working in a pension is that you can use the locker provided by your pension provider to store your valuables. The lockers are secured and equipped with two keys. A person who uses one of the keys cannot use the other one, so you need to make sure that your key is secure. The bank will provide you with a duplicate key to use in the locker, and the original should be kept by the bank branch.

They are family-run

Japanese pensions are typically family-run establishments with private rooms, some of which are large and have bathrooms. They also offer a continental style breakfast. They are also usually cheaper than hotels. There are several large pensions in the Togari Onsen resort. The Refre Inn, for example, has 14 rooms and has been in the family for 60 years.